The Fix Philosophy:


The body’s ability to move, how we control it and our muscle balance all affect strength, endurance and performance.


Fix is a community for rehabilitation under one roof, a network of therapists offering physiotherapy, osteopathy, massage, 1-on-1 pilates and yoga.  We’re a complete team of specialists equipped to get you firmly back on track.  Whether you have been recently injured or have a niggling pain that just won’t go away. We will provide

long-term solutions.


Fix. Physically fixing you.




With Helen:

Initial 60min - £85,

30min follow up - £60,


With Alex:

Initial 60min - £75,

30min follow up - £50



Initial 60min - £75,

30min follow up - £50



60min - £65,

30min & 90min also available



60 mins £60

45 min follow-up £50

Balance Clinic Acupuncture (communal setting) £20


1-to-1 Pilates:

First session 75 minutes including postural analysis £65

Sessions thereafter £55

10 session deal £530


1-to-1 Yoga:

Please email for further information


Questions and Pricing